T minus 24 hours…..

Honors students are packing, which means more than throwing clothes into a bag.  First, there’s a pool at the hotel.  Bathing suit?  Check.  Then they need to think about the different sets of clothing they need for a conference.  There’s Friday’s City-as-Text, which requires plunging into the culture of Cambridge for a full day.  Comfortable walking shoes?  Check!  Friday night means the banquet — a formal-ish dinner with hundreds of students and faculty from all over the place.  Nice outfit?  Check!  Saturday is full of presentations and panels.  Don’t forget your notes, your laptop, and if you’re presenting a poster, shove that in there too!  And what on earth do we need for Saturday night’s student festivities.  And then there’s the art show, and the selfie scavenger hunt and…..

We need a bigger bag.

Farewell, New York.  We are hitting the road.



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