Michelle Reflects on her Poster Session

Yesterday, I presented for the last time at NRHC. I presented a poster entitled “From College to a Career with an Internship.” This presentation allowed me to share how my very fulfilling college experience has prepared me to take on my extraordinary internship position as the Assistant Community Liaison for New Rochelle’s Downtown Development.

Unlike most internships where students take a passive role at the workplace and learn through observation, I had the experience to be fully immersed in the role I was assigned. My supervisor, Ashley Aldrich, was a critical influence in the success of my internship as she has full trust and always treated me as her equal. In doing so, she inspired me to be an innovative and impactful young professional prepared to enter today’s competitive job market. 

 As I presented, many students commented that they only knew what it was like to be treated as a passive observer in their internships and how they wish all internships were like mine. The most common question I was asked was “ What are the most important tools/skills your internship gave you to prepare you as a professional?” Very confidently, I expressed how thankful I am to have been able to develop a very strong professional network consisting of some of New Rochelle’s most significant leaders and how I was also grateful to learn professionalism first hand. I feel like the skills I have gained through college and my internship have really made me prepared me to succeed post-graduation! 


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