Homeward Bound

From Dr. Bass –

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning — the Charles River barely visible from our hotel as giagantic flakes of snow descended upon Cambridge.   The final event of the day, the second poster session, began at 7:30, which felt all the earlier for the students who had attended last night’s Dance through the Ages.

They are grateful that I have not posted any photographs of the event, but rest assured that 1970s attire is alive and well.

The Honors students from The College of New Rochelle represented everything that the program is about.  Their presentations flawless, their engagement high, their curiosity peaked, their sense of adventure seemingly boundless.  They continued conversations that they began in sessions into hallways and over meals, they never tired of seeing something new, they made friends, and they honed their travel skills all the more.

This morning, sitting on a train, looking out at the sun that is finally peaking through the snow-covered trees, I am — without question — exhausted.  But I am also so proud of these young women that I have just spent four days in Cambridge.  They will return to campus bursting with new things to bring to the seminar table in the Honors Center, setting the stage for the next cohort of students to prepare for NRHC.

Until next year, in Pittsburgh.



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