Poster Session I

First up to present this weekend?  Senior Honors student Michelle Goyke, a communication arts major.  She is presenting at the first poster session of the conference.  Playing off the conference theme of “Migrations,” Michelle’s presentation is entitled “From College to Career with an Internship.”  Her poster demonstrates how she used her college coursework to prepare for an internship with NR Futures, part of the City of New Rochelle’s dynamic downtown revitalization project.  People have been engaging her in lengthy conversations about her internship, as well as some of the New Rochelle luminaries in her photographs, including Mayor Noam Bramson and members of the City Council.  Ever the savvy career woman, Michelle is well stocked with her business cards, handing them out to everyone who comes by to chat!


The Freedom Trail

Each NRHC conference begins with the City as Text program — a full day of guided exploration of our host city.  The day began with everyone together in the ballroom to listen to Charles Sullivan, who has served as Executive Director of the Cambridge Historical Commission since 1974. From there, we embarked on our adventure:  The Freedom Trail.The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile walking route through 16 historically significant sites, including Paul Revere’s home, meetinghouses, churches, burying grounds, Bunker Hill, and the USS Constitution

What an amazing day! Check out our slideshow!

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Our First Impressions


Michelle:   Last night we had a blast exploring Cambridge! We had the chance to see MIT, and boy does it make CNR seem small!   For dinner, we went to The Druid Pub  and I had an awesome fish sandwich. To my surprise, a good friend of mine that I met last year during my semester at the Williams-Mystic American Maritime Studies Program walked in! (What a small world!) She was home for spring break from Williams College. We had an excellent time catching up! 

From Katy:  Our first day in Cambridge was a success! The 3 hour drive flew by with conversation and music. We participated in the scavenger hunt and explored MIT. We enjoyed great pub food at The Druid and met up with my first roommate and prior Honors student Sasha Schultz. The evening was spend with lots of laughs and stories from our earlier years at CNR. 

From Amanda:  I’m having an awesome time at my first honors conference! Yesterday, while participating in the Selfie Scavenger Hunt, we made a friend named Mark from Daemen College. We got to see Cambridge and the MIT campus (which is huge!). Later that night I had the pleasure of meeting an old CNR student named Sasha for dinner and she was super nice.  Today we explored Boston on the Freedom Trail and it was fascinating. Afterwards, we had a delicious lunch at an Irish pub. I’m looking forward to seeing Michelle’s presentation tonight, and I’m so glad I came to the ! 

From Claudia:  Friday at NRHC has been exciting! After a great morning speaker we headed into Boston for our City as Text experience. Our choice for this year’s conference was the Freedom Trail. We began at the visitor center at Faneuil Hall where we set off following the brick marked path towards the State House. On our walk we got to stop at the Boston Massacre Site, where on March 5th, 1770 violence erupted right outside of the Old State House.  We also got to see the Old South Meeting House, built in 1729, where in the early days of the American Revolution people gathered to speak about their disapproval of the Boston Massacre and tea tax. Among the many other Freedom Trail sights we were also able to stop by the Paul Revere House, the Paul Revere statue and Old North Church. Overall the day was well spent with Katy, Michelle, and Amanda learning history and taking part of the NRHC 2016 adventure! 


Selfie Scavenger Hunts can make you really hungry.  What better than to catch up with old CNR friends at a classic Irish pub for dinner?  Welcome to The Druid, located in the heart of Inman Square.  Such a cool place, it is located in the oldest wooden mercantile building in Cambridge.


We are here….

A gorgeous if windy day in Cambridge! Michelle, Claudia, Katy, and Amanda take their first look across the Charles River toward Boston, where the skyline features buildings such as the Pru and the John Hancock and iconic sites such as Fenway’s Citgo sign.

Off to the selfie scavenger hunt (Claudia is definitely feeling competitive already)!

Students hit the road….

It’s become a veritable tradition: CNR Honors students take a selfie once they are in the car (and before they actually start driving).  This year, four CNR Honors students had work accepted for the NRHC conference program.  From left to right:  Michelle Goyke, ’16, communication arts; Claudia Benitez, ’16, economics/business; Amanda Malone, ’19, math/education; Katy Baudendistel, ’16, psychology/women’s studies.

Now let’s get to Cambridge!


And…..we’re off!

There is no easing into the first day of a conference.  This morning, we head to Cambridge via trains and cars — wonder who will get there first (and who is picking up Dr. Bass at the Back Bay train station?)  At 5PM, we register for the conference, and then the students dive into the Selfie Scavenger Hunt while Dr. Bass attends a series of meetings for Honors Program directors.  But don’t stay out too late:  City as Text starts at 9am on Saturday — we are hitting Boston’s famous Freedom Trail to dive into some history of the American Revolution.  And tomorrow evening, CNR Honors senior Michelle Goyke will make us all proud with her presentation on the internship that she has been doing with NR Futures in New Rochelle.

Why start slowly when you can hit the ground running?

T minus 24 hours…..

Honors students are packing, which means more than throwing clothes into a bag.  First, there’s a pool at the hotel.  Bathing suit?  Check.  Then they need to think about the different sets of clothing they need for a conference.  There’s Friday’s City-as-Text, which requires plunging into the culture of Cambridge for a full day.  Comfortable walking shoes?  Check!  Friday night means the banquet — a formal-ish dinner with hundreds of students and faculty from all over the place.  Nice outfit?  Check!  Saturday is full of presentations and panels.  Don’t forget your notes, your laptop, and if you’re presenting a poster, shove that in there too!  And what on earth do we need for Saturday night’s student festivities.  And then there’s the art show, and the selfie scavenger hunt and…..

We need a bigger bag.

Farewell, New York.  We are hitting the road.